Four Audi A4 S4 A5 S5 A6 Q5 MBZ E 20x8.5 +35 Rotiform CCV Silver

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This is a brand new set of four Rotiform CCV 20" wheels, 8.5" wide with a plus 35mm offset.

Inspection: All our wheels are visually inspected for structural integrity (no cracks), roundness and finish (using a balancer with run out measuring equipment). We only resell wheels that meet our safety standards.

Tires: We offer many brands of new tires, and have an extensive inventory of Take Off tires (less than 200 miles). We may also have used tires for a package deal..

TPMS: We offer a full line of aftermarket sensors, as well as factory sensors. Please note that sensor batteries are designed to last up to 5 years, and it is not uncommon for used sensors to be unuseable. That is why we advertise our used sensors as free when we cannot guarantee how old they are.

Repairs: We only repair wheels that have minimal runout on the inside lips only. We do not hide repairs by refinishing or chroming. All repairs are disclosed. We do not repair more than one patch per tire and disclose that as well.

Labor: All labor for mounting and balancing is free when requested. We do not rebalance wheels and tires automatically since most sets need to be redone when adding TPMS. We will gladly balance your set at no charge upon request if you do not plan to add sensors. Installation done on a car at our shop costs $15.00 per corner up to 20 inch wheels.

Accessories: We offer all lug nuts and locks, please email your vehicle year and model, and finish requested for a quote.

Trade Ins: If you are local, we take trade-ins (after inspection at our shop in Anaheim CA). If you are out of state, freight charges usually do not make it worth it to send your wheels to us for a trade in.

Price: $895.00

General Information
Price: $895.00
Condition: New
SCW #: AFT-CCV-208535
Wheel Information
Brand: Rotiform
Finish: Silver
Size Front: 20x8.5 +35mm
Size Rear: 20x8.5 +35mm
Center Caps: INCLUDED
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