Installation is now done in house at our facility located at 805 W. Katella ave, Orange, CA 92867.

What is a take-off ?
Takeoffs also called pull-offs, or trade-ins, are wheels and tires that are being purchased by us from a customer who is upgrading his car to aftermarket wheels. This could be a car dealer or a wheel and tire shop that takes trade-ins. Takeoffs are usually wheels and tires with less than 200 on them, and while they are still "new" they are technically used items.

What do you buy?
We purchase original equipment wheels and tires. We stay away from purchasing used tires that are not inflated on wheels as we can not inspect them properly for internal damage and therefore will not resell them.

How do you inspect items?
Wheels are inspected for structural integrity (no cracks), trueness (make sure they are not bent), finish (visual damage to paint, chrome, etc.) and fitment of caps and accessories. The best way to inspect a wheel is to spin it on a balancer to visually assess if it is true. Tires are inspected for DOT age, cracking, repairs, sidewall bubbles and other signs they might have been damaged.

Do you repair wheels and tires?
Yes, in some limited cases, we send wheels deemed to be structurally repairable to a professional repair contractor and fully disclose all repairs in the description of our items for sale. We usually do not repair cosmetic damage as the cost is not justifiable. But the service is available if requested.

Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide. We use FedEx ground for domestic shipping, FedEx for Canada. For Puerto Rico USPS parcel post is used(wheels only). Other countries are shipped via FedEx at this time. Your location will determine the most economical and reliable method to meet your needs and comply with your country of residence's import tax requirements.

What type of payment do you take?
We accept cash, Paypal, and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) for shipments within North America. Arrangements can be made to wire money for international shipments.

Do you do installation?
Yes, we offer installation at our facility in Orange, CA.

Do you sell custom wheels?
Yes, we do sell used aftermarket/custom wheels and have access to all brands of new wheels as well. 

Do you sell new tires?
Yes! And we are competitive on tire sales, remember installation is available.

Is a repaired tire a potential problem?
The rule to use in tire repairs is as follows: A plug type repair is only good to get you to a tire shop where a proper patch can be installed. Not installing a patch in a tire lets moisture come through the plug and over time can damage the cords (internal components of the tire), ultimately causing separation or a bubble that can lead to a blowout. Installing a patch reduces the speed rating of the tire by at least one speed, up to three patches are allowed in a tire as long as they are equally spaced by at least a third of the circumference of the tire. Simple logic will tell you that the odds of that happening are very slim, so a good rule is no more than two patches per tire, then you need to replace it. You cannot repair a tire close to the shoulder, as the inside patch must be flat to be installed. No sidewall repairs!

Can you warranty a tire?
All our used tires are sold as is, we can offer expertise in helping you secure some warranty consideration from manufacturers after inspecting your tire first.

Can I get a center cap from you?
We will gladly sell you a cap if we have it in stock, if not we will recommend you to our cap specialist who can locate it for you. Aftermarket caps are notoriously difficult to acquire after a wheel is a few years old and the model is probably no longer made.

Do we sell custom wheels?
Yes, we now service every brand with our acquisition of Wheel warehouse, check us out at www.wheelwarehouse.com

Do we sell new tires?
Yes, we now service every brand with our acquisition of Wheel warehouse, check us out at www.orangetire.com